The fundamental use of Steadicam has always been a simple one; to stabilise the camera over terrain that cannot be laid with track and dolly.

Over the years there have been various developments in the construction of stabilised systems, the first being – Steadicam, designed by Mr. Garrett Brown in 1974 for use on films which required long developing shots, most famously ‘The Shining’, but more specific to the story ‘Rocky’. Then other systems were developed to specific requirements by other operators such as the Pro system, designed by George Paddock.

But, Steadicam has its limitations; it could only be used in two modes normal and low mode. To switch between modes took time and would charge DOP’s and 1st AD’s to schedule shots around Steadicam modes.

The ARRI Trinity 2 represents the pinnacle of flexibility in the world of stabilizers. Its ability to navigate through tight scenarios, such as car windows, and to effortlessly switch from low mode to high mode, are now standard features. However, when combined with the full range of motion of the AR OMEGA® and the extreme 360-degree rolls of the CYCLO® system, the Trinity 2 emerges as a true all-rounder. With this device, a Director of Photography no longer needs to ponder which system to use, as the Trinity 2 covers all bases .